January 4, 2013


On Republican fecklessness in their dealings with Obama…

The Republicans keep giving away core beliefs. They just throw away their ownership of the concept of lower taxes equaling economic growth and increased prosperity and freedom and liberty for people. They just threw that away, gave it to Obama. Raising taxes on everybody normally would be horrible political news. It would be bad for the party that did it. But, no! According to the New York Times it's a marvelous achievement for the Democrats and Obama, because they've taken 'uncertainty' off the table. People can now relax. It's done and it's fixed.

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December 31, 2012


Mark Steyn is guest-hosting for Rush today… On the futility of tax hikes on “the rich” as a means of solving our economic problems…

There are never going to be enough rich people, even if you raise taxes on all the 1%, to close the deficit. It's the spending. At some point, if you want big government and European-style spending, you're going to have to have European-style taxation. There's no discussion of this anywhere in the fiscal cliff negotiations.

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December 5, 2012


On the ongoing “negotiations” between the Republican House leadership and President Obama to supposedly avoid the fiscal cliff…

There aren't any spending cuts, even if they claim there are because of the current services baseline. All there will ever be until that's fixed is cuts in the rate of growth of spending. But there won't be any real spending cuts. And the Republicans showed today that they're not even interested in it. And now they're ceding the language. So now deductions are loopholes. You know what that sets up? That sets up the premise that 100% of income is subject to taxation and that everything that we might deduct from our overall gross earnings is a loophole, not a deduction, not a legitimate deduction. They just gave that away by conceding on the language here. A loophole is not a deduction, but it has become one. I mean, stop and think. When you think of a loophole in the tax law, what do you think of? You think of an unintended error that allows people to get away without paying their taxes. That's what you think a loophole is. Well, sorry. Now a standard, legal itemized deduction and everyone one of them have become loopholes. And such, they are subject to elimination. So now the premise of 100% taxation, the premise is now on the table. And all that means is that all money is Washington's, and what we end up with is totally up to their discretion and their big-heartedness or mean-heartedness, what have you.

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November 26, 2012


[Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today] On the impossibility of making meaningful progress on paying off the national debt by “soaking the rich”…

If you took every single penny that Warren Buffett has, it'd pay for 4-1/2 days of the US government. This tax-the-rich won't work. The problem here is the government is way bigger than even the capacity of the rich to sustain it. The Buffett Rule would raise $3.2 billion a year, and take 514 years just to pay off Obama's 2011 budget deficit.

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November 21, 2012


On the upcoming political battle over the “fiscal cliff”…

Not only are we not going to avoid the cliff; it is my contention, I say to you today that the Obama agenda is to go off the cliff. He wants the cliff. And he wants it for two reasons: (A), because of the genuine economic damage that it will do, and (B) for the politics of it. What happens? If we go over the fiscal cliff, what happens? Taxes go up. Simply by virtue of the expiration of the Bush tax rates. Taxes go up. They go up on everybody, not just the rich. And as is also a part of the fiscal cliff, defense spending gets cut, which Obama wants. If you don't believe me, don't forget that Obama has doubled his request for tax revenue from $800 billion to $1.6 trillion. That's his opener in his negotiations with the Republicans to stop going over the fiscal cliff. I'm here to tell you, using my intelligence guided by experience, there will not be any entitlement cuts as part of any cliff deal, because Obama does not want any. The Democrats do not want any. There will be no cuts in the entitlements. And the fact is, I don't think anybody in Congress wants any cuts in entitlements, either, if you get down to brass tacks. So what's gonna happen is this: We'll go over the cliff. We won't get a deal before we go over the cliff. The tax increases, by the time we have a new Congress sworn in, we're gonna have tax increases, and we're gonna have military cuts. This is going to happen, I fear.

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November 16, 2012


On California voters approving a new tax on themselves…

In Prop 30, citizens of California voted to raise taxes on themselves. And so Mayor Willie Brown, Speaker Brown, "Oh, this will work, this will work 'cause the people are behind it. They voted this themselves." Okay, so we got that. Number two. He said, "Yeah, the lottery, 25, 30 years ago, supposed to pay for all education." As far as most Californians are concerned, there's nothing wrong with it. The schools are still open. Unfunded liabilities, pension liabilities? They may be unfunded, but people retire, they're still getting their pensions. We haven't gone over the cliff on anything. None of that explanation's gonna convince anybody that there's a problem. That's my point.

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September 26, 2012


On Obama blaming President Bush for the national debt…

These lies just flow out of his mouth and off of his lips as naturally as a baby's cries. Now, I don't know, as I say, I'm not an expert. I don't know if it's purposeful, if he's delusional, or if it's strategic. It could be a combination of those things. He's running commercials in battleground states claiming that Romney's tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class by $2,000. There's not a single thing in Romney's tax plan that raises taxes on the middle class, period. Romney cuts middle class taxes by 20%. He doesn't raise taxes on anybody. It's Obama who's going to be raising taxes. Obama, in effect what he's doing, is taking what his policies are going to be, his future policies and what his policies have been, and he's simply saying that they're Romney's.

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June 28, 2012 [ Court Ruling on Obamacare ]


On the 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, that Obamacare is constitutional…

What we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. What we have been told by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and four liberals on the court – Obamacare’s just a massive tax increase. That’s all it is. Obama lied to us about that. He lied to Democrats – lied, it wasn’t a tax, there was no way it was a tax. The Chief Justice was hell-bound, hell-bent to find a way to make this law applicable, so he just decided, “You know what? As a tax increase it works, because there’s no limit on the federal government’s ability to tax. It’s right there in the preamble to the constitution: right there in Article 1, Section 8, General Welfare Clause. It’s been established. Congress can tax whatever, whoever, whenever, how much they want.” … Even when they don’t ask for it, the Supreme Court is gonna find a way to make what they want to do legal, ‘cause John Roberts said, “It’s not our job here to forbid this. It’s not our job to protect people from outcomes. It’s not our job to determine what it is, right or wrong, or any of that, we just get to look at it and we can’t forbid this, this is what the elected representatives of the people want.” Now the elected representatives of the people were deceived.

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June 1, 2012


On the dysfunctional state of the U.S. economy…

The real question is, how does this get fixed? And it’s becoming apparent -- has been apparent to me all along, it’s becoming apparent to more and more people by the day -- that it isn’t going to get fixed with Obama in the White House. It just isn’t going to get fixed. If you think it’s bad now, just wait ’til the remaining 60% of his agenda gets implemented. Remember, health care was timed to be fully implemented [in] 2014. Long after Obama’s theoretical final election, which is this year, 2012. It starts the full implementation schedule in January of this year with massive tax increases -- personal income tax increases, capital gains tax increases. Meanwhile, a shrunken U.S. private sector will continue to shrink as Obama will hijack it. Obama’s already-passed legislation will begin to take even more out of the private sector. When you raise taxes, when you increase regulations, you take money out of the private sector. And more of that is on tap. This is as good as it gets, with Obama.

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December 16, 2011


On Democrat party class warfare tactics…

Out of the blue, the White House, and the Democrats, gave up on their millionaires surtax. Did you notice that? Did you notice that one year ago, they gave up on it too. Almost at the same time… I think, that when it comes right down to it, they’re never actually going to go to the mat demanding a tax increase on the rich in this economy. But I think they’re going to try and get as much mileage out of talking about one, and demanding one, and ripping into the rich, and exploiting class envy, just for the sake of reelection, just like Obama is putting his reelection first over the Keystone Pipeline. I think they think they can get just as much mileage out of the verbiage, blaming the rich, demanding a tax increase on them, without actually doing it.

October 5, 2011


On Democrat proposals for a new tax on millionaires as a way to fund job creation…

Washington has nothing to do with job creation. As we’ve seen in the last 2 ½ years what Washington does is destroy jobs. What Washington does is put obstacles in the way of economic growth that would lead to job creation, particularly Washington when run by Democrats and liberals. Aren’t millionaires the ones that hire employees – is this a good time to start punishing them?

September 19, 2011


On President Obama’s speech citing the tax rates paid by billionaire Warren Buffet’s secretary as justification for raising taxes, again, on the rich.

Warren, would you pay your secretary a little bit more, instead of us sitting here having to hear how she pays a higher tax rate than you do? Why don’t you just give her a raise, Mr. Buffet? What are we talking about here? Here’s a guy, a trillionaire, who’s running around, talking about how his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does, which isn’t actually true. Give her a raise. For crying out loud. This poor woman is being made to sound like she can barely get through the day. Because the government is taking so much of what she earns. The top 1% of taxpayers already pay 40% of all income taxes. And by the time you get to the top 5%, you’re at about 70% of all taxes, and yet this bunch comes again proposing a bill that has no way of becoming law, by the way. This is pure Campaign Speech 101 class envy – set Americans against each other, create resentment, and even hatred, between the various economic classes.

August 1, 2011


On the very mixed bag which is the new debt ceiling deal…

There supposedly are no tax increases in this. Yet the CBO… is counting on the Bush tax cuts expiring. Next year the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. That’s going to be a tax increase without anybody having to vote for one. Now, it’s also possible that the Bush tax cuts will be extended… and I think it’s 50/50… if that happens, then what happens to the CBO score? The CBO score is thrown out the window. The CBO score is BS anyway but if the Bush tax cuts are extended, the CBO is going to score that as a major cut, which will have to be replaced. A cut in government revenue. If the Bush tax cuts are extended that’s less revenue than the government’s counting on, which means that the (Debt) Commission will have an automatic excuse to go in and raise taxes.

April 26, 2011


On the absurd hostility of the US government towards US oil companies.

The EPA – a bureaucracy – has denied Shell Oil a permit to drill off the Alaska coast. And you know why? Because their emissions – the emissions – might hurt a tiny village which is more than 70 miles away... That's the reason given. And along the same line it's been reported that seven more oil platforms have left the Gulf of Mexico because they couldn't get permits to drill... You know where they've gone? Brazil. They have gone to Brazil, where we are subsidizing Petrogras offshore drilling. So Shell Oil [is] told by the EPA, "You can't drill off the coast of Alaska because of pollution." We got a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Seven oil platforms have shut down, and moved to Brazil, where we are funding that nation's oil exploration. What are we doing here? Well once again we're talking about raising taxes on the oil companies.

May 12, 2011


On President Obama's casting of blame on the previous administration for the state of the economy.

So let me see if I understand here. Obama was in the Senate, voting for all of those things that led to the economy being worse than he knew that it was. He was voting for more spending. He was voting for higher taxes – Pelosi was speaker, Dingy Harry was the majority leader. And what? Poor old Obama, all 159 days he spent in the Senate, was clueless? He had no idea how horrible things really were? He just, one day stepped into the Oval Orifice, saw everything was worse than he thought, after two years of controlling all of Washington at the House and the Senate?