April 4, 2011


On Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan's new budget blueprint.

I talked to Congressman Paul Ryan on the phone this morning. He is going to announce a major budget blueprint, a ten-year budget blueprint tomorrow, and folks, it's wonderful... substantively it is superb. Politically, it's brilliant. They are going to throw so many balls in the air at the Democrats that the Democrats are not gonna know which ones to focus on and try to defeat. First, it's a tough budget – you've probably heard four trillion dollars in cuts, over ten years. It might end up being more than that. It is a growth-oriented budget, it doesn't feature a lot of tax increases... basically it's going to freeze spending levels at 2008 levels... it's exactly what the election of last November was all about.

April 6, 2011


On Democrat demagoguery in response to Paul Ryan's new budget plan.

The Democrat reaction to the new Republican budget that Paul Ryan presented yesterday is nothing new. They always claim that people are gonna die, old people, kids, whatever – Republican budgets kill people. When in fact, if anybody's gonna die because of government action in this country, it's gonna be because of Obamacare, and death panels.

April 20, 2011


On leadership.

Democrats have played a major role in creating this mess. They turn over the heavy lifting to the Republicans. Paul Ryan does the heavy lifting. Comes up with a budget plan to save the country. And then what does Obama do? What does Obama do? He attacks them for doing it. He attacks them for how they're doing it. That is real leadership folks. Real leadership on the part of our President, who now will not speak to adults. Create the problem. Act like he is going to provide leadership to fix it. Offer no fix whatsoever. The Republicans offer a fix. The Ryan budget. What does Obama do? Attacks Ryan personally, and the Republicans in general for doing it. That's real leadership.

April 21, 2011


On Obama's accusation that Paul Ryan's budget plan is not courageous.

Obama said nothing's easier than solving the problem on the backs of the poor. That's not what Ryan has proposed. Ryan has not proposed solving the problem on the backs of the poor. This is another cliché from the liberal handbook. What about this folks? What about promising programs that you can't afford, using money from kids not yet born? There's nothing easier than that, if you ask me. There's nothing easier than promising programs to be paid for by people who aren't even born yet who thus don't even have a chance to object to it. What kind of courage are we talking about there?