December 7, 2012


On the supposedly good economic news that the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.7%…

Half a million Americans have left the private sector job market, thus the private sector job market universe has shrunk, and that's why the unemployment number goes down. So 544,000 people hired at the government level in all states, cities, local governments, what have you, and the exclamation point is, 73% of the new civilian jobs created in the US over the last five months are in government. Seventy-three percent of new jobs created in the last five months are in government. This is according to the regime's own numbers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So it's clear to see exactly what's happening. The transformation in the country that's taking place. Money and people are being taken out of the private sector and transferred to the public sector, to the government.

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June 8, 2012


On President Obama being quoted as saying “The private sector is doing just fine." …

How out of touch do you have to be, to say when the real unemployment rate is over 11% – “The private sector is doing just fine.”? The private sector is doing just fine. Now maybe he’s not senile but he certainly is obsessive-compulsive. ‘course we could be looking at this from the wrong end, folks. Some of you gotta be open to all possibilities. Maybe in Obama’s mind the private sector IS doing just fine. I mean there’s a story, another story out there today that the number of people on food stamps has doubled. Under Obama. That, to him, might be the private sector doing just fine. There might be 88 million adults not working but they are eating. Private sector’s doing just fine. He may look at it that way. Maybe that’s exactly what he wants… The private sector doing just fine is a lot of people not working, but eating, with their cell phones on, and their TVs on, depending on government for all of that. Maybe that’s what he means by “The private sector’s doing just fine."

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