October 19, 2012


On Obama’s shocking “not optimal” gaffe on The Daily Show…

Here's the real thing to know. Tells you everything, when Obama says "not optimal." How come he has no reluctance whatsoever about calling this movie disgusting, reprehensible, everything else he's called it, but he can't bring himself to issue a clear-voiced condemnation of Islamic terror. Do you know he still has not called this a terrorist attack? Everybody thinks after the debate that he and Candy Crowley cooked up there that he did call it a terror attack, and he didn't. And if people who watched the debate didn't watch the next day they don't know. Of course he didn't get a bounce out of that debate, folks… Obama didn't get a bounce. And everybody said he won. Ha-ha-ha. But he didn't. I told you.

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November 30, 2011


On how freedom is lost…

You don’t need prisons to lose your freedom. Look at political correctness. People stifle themselves. People will refuse to exercise their own first-amendment rights out of fear for what might be heard. Somebody might be offended. Somebody might be upset. So people willingly, willfully, give up freedom every day of the week. Political correctness has resulted in self-policing of your thoughts.

November 7, 2011


On media accusations against Herman Cain that he made women feel “uncomfortable” in hotel rooms 15 years ago…

Folks, I get uncomfortable when Room Service shows up, when I’m in a hotel. What is this? That’s not a fact of anything, it is an accusation. And more than that, it’s a touchy-feely accusation. How many people are made to feel “uncomfortable” every day by other people? What kind of wusses run the world now? What kind of pantywaists run the world? Who is it – “Yes, I was made to feel very uncomfortable, I think it’s worth $50,000, Mister Limbaugh.” Every day, we all are made to feel uncomfortable by something. I would be afraid to complain, how many times I’m uncomfortable. For crying out loud, that’s the whole point, a nation of whiners! And complainers. Who want to be paid for it. For being offended or being made to feel uncomfortable but so what? By what? … The problem here is that it is not a fact. Not yet. That’s an accusation.

September 12, 2011


On President Obama visiting a soup kitchen on the 9/11 anniversary…

Doesn’t making the anniversary of 9/11 into a day of service make it seem like we’re the ones who have to make amends? Community service – that’s in many cases part of a punishment that’s handed out to people… We have something to apologize for. To be sorry about. That America was somehow in the wrong, that we have to do something to make up for so we must have a day of service... I’m gonna tell you 9/11’s always going to be a day of remembrance. And when Obama shows up at a soup kitchen, it reminds all of us to remember that it is Obama who put all the people who are in the soup kitchen in the soup kitchen. Obama is going to the soup kitchen to visit the beneficiaries of his policies. On 9/11.

September 9, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the political correctness which is likely to mar many 9/11 commemorations this Sunday…

What those guys did, at 9:28 when the plane was hijacked, 9:58, half an hour later, half an hour later, Todd Beamer cried "Let’s roll!" and they fought back against those terrorists. We can’t put up a memorial to them in ten years either, the stupid ‘Crescent of Embrace' that’s supposed to be in that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania still isn’t ready. There’s something wrong – there’s something wrong not just in the sclerosis of the American bureaucracy, but there’s something wrong in that we don’t even agree on what it is those guys did. You know Todd Beamer is an all-but-forgotten man. "Let’s roll!" – it was the only good news of the day. Every aspect of national government failed that day. All the big, expensive, money-no-object federal alphabet soup, CIA, FBI, FAA, INS, failed. Floppo. Did nothing. Useless. The only government that worked was lowest-level metropolitan municipal government, the fire department, firemen of New York, pounding into that building, pounding up with a hundred pounds of equipment on their backs, pounding up into that burning building. That was the only bit of government that worked. So naturally the only functioning bit of government is eliminated from Nanny Bloomberg’s commemoration. And the courage – the raw courage of Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers, who got on an ordinary commuter flight, and when they discovered that it wasn’t an ordinary commuter flight – they didn’t sit there following the stupid 1970s hijack procedures. They acted, as citizen volunteers in an ad-hoc militia, and provided the only good news of the day. And we’re going to commemorate that ten years on with a lot of weepy, huggy, feely, touchy, weepy, multi-culti mushy, wimpy pansified drivel for the most part about, quote, “tragic events," unquote. It’s not good. It doesn’t say a lot about us, and if that’s what it is like at your 9/11 commemoration, complain about it. Make sure that this commemoration is addressed honestly and understood for what it is.

August 15, 2011


On the London riots…

Militant Islamists in the Middle East are sending emails to muslims in London saying “Hey, perfect opportunity, get in there and join the action." Once this kind of stuff starts, people that believe in this kind of stuff say “Hey, we can get in on the action too, and we can stay hidden because we’ll never be blamed for it, ‘cause it all started before we got involved." … A lot of people do this stuff because it works… You think it doesn’t work? Where is law enforcement? They won’t even bring out the water cannons. There is a proscription even against rubber bullets. Against people who are destroying, burning, private property. These people are being allowed essentially to do this. Or they were, for three nights. All because of political correctness. And don’t doubt me on this. "We can’t afford to offend these minorities. We’ve got to understand their rage. There’s been generations of this stuff building..."