June 18, 2012


On media reports that the presidency has become too big a job for one person…

Back in the Jimmy Carter era, Newsweek ran a story asking if the presidency was too big for one man anymore. Newsweek magazine: “Is the Presidency Too Big For One Man?” November 17th, 2010: “Can any single person fully meet the demands of the 21st century?” Newsweek magazine. Same argument was used to excuse an overwhelmed Jimmy Carter thirty years earlier. Excuse for Obama, same for Carter. These people on the Left have a very small playbook. When their guy gets in trouble, it’s impossible to govern. Why? Because the media’s fractured, there’s too much opposition, there’s too much questioning going on, there’s not enough loyalty… and there’s too much partisanship, there’s too much disagreement. And maybe, just as they asked during Carter, now they’re asking for Obama, “Maybe the job is just too big for one person now.” The 1970s are forty years ago, folks! Forty years ago, the media was asking the same question they’re asking today about Obama.

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