September 28, 2012


The media is no longer about truth. It's not about informing.

The media is now part of the propaganda machine. They are part of the Democrat Party. They are Democrats with bylines. They're pretending to be objective. They're pretending to be inquisitive and professional. But they're not. They have thrown in with one side. They have thrown in with the Democrat Party. They have thrown in, all-in, with Obama. That's been the nature of the media for a long time now. They can be overcome. Ronaldus Magnus overcame the media -- and, folks, we can, too. My point here is we already know this. You and I know we can overcome the media. This program has done it. Any number of other so-called New Media have overcome it, and we win elections. We don't lose every election. We win more than we lose. It's important. With the free media support Obama gets -- whether it's 60 Minutes, The View, the Today show, MSNBC -- and all that paid propaganda that Obama pays for, it's important that your enthusiasm not be blunted.

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October 3, 2011


On President Obama’s demagogic attack on Republican conduct at a debate regarding a question about homosexuality, and the role of new media in exposing his distortions…

Back in 1980, if this were 1993, folks, aside from this show, Obama would be getting away with making this country think that Republicans at a debate booed homosexuality. He would get away with it. He’s not going to get away with it this time. There is an entire alternative media that is going to see to it that a majority of Americans understand exactly what happened. Now, whereas I say in the Republican leadership and too many Republican candidates still think that the only way they can get their point across, the only way they can get their point of view aired is through the mainstream media – the Democrats are the same way but for them it makes sense because they own the media. Democrats and the media are the same thing.