August 6, 2012


On what motivates liberals in government…

The target is always freedom when we're talking about liberals, the target is always freedom. That has to give, as the government gets bigger, that's not even arguable. What reason is there is for government to get bigger if not to police things, including thought? Fix things, police things, administer things, regulate things, all of that, you might not want to call it an assault, but it's all aimed at freedom, pure and simple. And any activity that rewards freedom, any activity that freedom plays a profound role in, particularly something that's successful or good is an enemy.

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June 13, 2012


On New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s comment that the purpose of government is to improve the health and longevity of its citizens…

Science has been politicized, and it’s dominated by people on the left, and Doomberg’s a leftist, and so, whatever they say is unchallengeable. It’s always true. Okay so he says “If government’s purpose isn’t to improve the health and longevity of its citizens, I don’t know what its purpose is. We certainly have an obligation to tell them..” Okay tell us. Tell us, fine. But don’t IMPOSE on us. If you want to tell us that large sugary drinks are dangerous, let us make the decision. If you want to tell us that big vats of popcorn you think are unhealthy – fine! Let us make the decision. Put a label on it if you want to! You know, put a picture of a clogged artery on the popcorn bowl – we don’t care. Just let us buy it if we want it… Folks – this is classic liberalism. This is classic statism. This is right in front of our eyes the vast, rapid erosion of personal liberty and freedom. Now you might think this is a minor thing, but these things never stop. Once they start, they never are satisfied.

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November 21, 2011


On Michelle Obama being booed by a NASCAR crowd at the Homestead Miami Speedway…

Why would people boo the First Lady? Media can’t believe it. But I can. People don’t like being told they’re lousy parents. And Mrs. Obama has done that. People resent Mrs. Obama’s bizarre need to tell us what to eat and how much to exercise… Mrs. Obama has a husband that runs around and apologizes for this country that he was elected to lead… I’m also pretty sure that this crowd is not eager to go out and buy a car that you have to plug in, in order to drive. This is a fast car kind of crowd, this is NOT a Prius/Volt/Leaf plug-it-in-and-charge-it-for-40-miles kind of crowd. Also, I might point out, that people who go to NASCAR races are the very people her husband called “bitter clingers”: when things aren’t going well, what do they do? Why, they cling to their guns, and they cling to their religion.