September 21, 2011


On President Obama’s assertion that he is a warrior fighting on behalf of the middle class…

What is it specifically that Barack Obama has done to protect the middle class? What is it? Was it passing a law that raises their health insurance premiums until they become unaffordable? Was it putting the country on a path to socialized medicine, is that among the things he’s done for the middle class? Was it a moratorium on drilling for oil and gas that has contributed to increased gas and energy costs? Was it all these jobs that have miraculously been created under Obama? Was it conducting a war on prosperity that has resulted in millions of Americans losing their jobs, double-digit unemployment, eleven-plus percent in real numbers? Is that what he did for the middle class? Was it pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to smother private sector businesses with regulations that stifle growth and profitability? Was that what he’s done for the middle class? Was it pushing a tax increase on people earning $200,000 that will result in yet another wave of layoffs and business closings?