September 5, 2012


On delegate chants of “Four More Years” at the Democrat convention…

Forty-seven million on food stamps, and Rahm Emanuel actually said it --“Four more years!” -- and they started chanting that in the convention. And I said: "Right on, that's what we want to hear." Four more years of this? Forty-three consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, four more years? Sixteen trillion, national debt. Obama responsible for more than a third of that. Four more years. Twenty-three million Americans unemployed/underemployed. Four more years. Taxpayers pay for late-term abortions. That happened before you started watching. Four more years. A trillion dollars for a stimulus. Unemployment never gets under 8%, four more years. Not one Democrat ever voted for any Obama budget. Four more years. Take God out of the Democrat Party platform? Four more years. We didn't hear any of this. We didn't hear any credit-taking. We didn't. In fact, we didn't hear last night any plans for the future. All we heard was that Barack Obama is still the Messiah. The theme of that convention last night? "Barack Obama is still the Messiah!" You know what I found interesting about Michelle's speech? Her man has been president for four years and she felt it necessary to tell everybody who he is.

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November 21, 2011


On Michelle Obama being booed by a NASCAR crowd at the Homestead Miami Speedway…

Why would people boo the First Lady? Media can’t believe it. But I can. People don’t like being told they’re lousy parents. And Mrs. Obama has done that. People resent Mrs. Obama’s bizarre need to tell us what to eat and how much to exercise… Mrs. Obama has a husband that runs around and apologizes for this country that he was elected to lead… I’m also pretty sure that this crowd is not eager to go out and buy a car that you have to plug in, in order to drive. This is a fast car kind of crowd, this is NOT a Prius/Volt/Leaf plug-it-in-and-charge-it-for-40-miles kind of crowd. Also, I might point out, that people who go to NASCAR races are the very people her husband called “bitter clingers”: when things aren’t going well, what do they do? Why, they cling to their guns, and they cling to their religion.

October 28, 2011


On Michelle Obama's campaign claims against Republicans…

This is what you get, when you can't run on your husband's economic record. This is what happens when you can't run on your husband's achievements, because there aren't any. This is what you get – Republicans want dirty air; Republicans want dirty water; Republicans want fewer people alive; and now, Republicans don't want you to be able to speak, and the Republicans don't want you to be able to practice your religion – this is what they have. This is what they're worth. This is all they've got. They are morally bankrupt. This is how they have to go out and raise funds. There is nothing – not one syllable – from either Barack Obama or Michelle Obama or anybody in this campaign, that's inspiring, or uplifting. They are happily presiding over, and managing a country in decline. And the only ammunition in their arsenal is these never-ending lies about (how) the Republicans want poisoned air and water, dirty air and water, nobody able to speak. It's breath-taking to listen to this, to listen to absolutely how morally vacant they are.