January 4, 2012


On the Republican primary race after the Iowa caucus (in which Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tied for first place)…

Perry said last night he was going to head back to Texas for prayer, and reflection, to figure out what he should do next. Because he spent a lot of money in Iowa, and it didn’t translate to votes. And the theory is that if money didn’t translate to votes in Iowa, then it may not translate to votes anywhere else. And is it worth going into debt. Does he have a high enough base here to pull off what now would be a miracle. I hope he stays in. ‘cause I told you I like Perry. And I like Santorum. And I told you countless times I know, either one of those guys, and I said this about Bachmann as well – if any of them are elected President, I know, I have no doubt whatsoever, they are gonna be fighting for this country each and every day. No doubt whatsoever.

December 19, 2011


On the liberal media’s strangely reverential coverage of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il…

He was a murdering tyrant. His people are among the poorest in the world. And he’s spoken of here in reverent terms. The best thing he had going for him as far as these people are concerned was: He’s not a Republican. He wasn’t a conservative. You know, Hitler and Stalin both loved American movies too. This guy loved Michael Jordan. Wow, there’s really a lot to recommend him! Bachmann, and Perry, are stupid. Kim Jong Il – not a nut! It’d be a mistake to say that he’s a nut.