August 22, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the rapidly swelling social security disability rolls in the United States and Great Britain…

A lot of these guys rioting, looting, torching, burning in London were officially categorized as disabled because in the late 90s, in order to so called “reduce the unemployment rate” the British government found it convenient to reclassify the long-term unemployed as “disabled”. They weren’t actually disabled. They could hold most jobs. Yes you might be disabled if you were asked to rappel into the presidential palace in Tripoli and depose Ghadafi – you might be a wee bit too disabled for that. But you are certainly not disabled enough to hold down the majority of jobs… and yet they essentially for political reasons, to give the appearance of lowering the unemployment rate, they classified a big chunk of the unemployed as disabled. By the way this is profoundly wicked, because what you’re doing is, the state is inviting somebody, is incentivizing a citizen to collude in a lie because somewhere, somewhere deep inside, you know – you’re sitting around at home all day, you’re “disabled”, you’re claiming your disabled benefits – but somewhere deep down inside you know you’re able to work, you know there are jobs you can do and so there’s something actually evil about the welfare state classifying someone as unable to work when they are in fact able to.

August 15, 2011


On the London riots…

Militant Islamists in the Middle East are sending emails to muslims in London saying “Hey, perfect opportunity, get in there and join the action." Once this kind of stuff starts, people that believe in this kind of stuff say “Hey, we can get in on the action too, and we can stay hidden because we’ll never be blamed for it, ‘cause it all started before we got involved." … A lot of people do this stuff because it works… You think it doesn’t work? Where is law enforcement? They won’t even bring out the water cannons. There is a proscription even against rubber bullets. Against people who are destroying, burning, private property. These people are being allowed essentially to do this. Or they were, for three nights. All because of political correctness. And don’t doubt me on this. "We can’t afford to offend these minorities. We’ve got to understand their rage. There’s been generations of this stuff building..."