October 26, 2012


On Benghazi…

We know the State Department was watching live video of this. We know the CIA station chief, and we know that the State Department both had sent cables, e-mails, warnings to the White House Situation Room in the first two hours. We learned yesterday that the White House knew what was going on at the moment it was happening. We know that of the four Americans dead, two of them died in the last hours of what was a seven-hour assault. Now we are told that the CIA told these heroes to stand down three different times, to not go in, to not do anything, and Panetta is saying, "We didn't have any intel." That argument's blown out of the water. We did have the intel. We had the video. We knew that there was not a protest that spontaneously erupted into an attack. We knew it was premeditated. We knew who it was. We had the group that claimed credit for it, Ansar al-Omar Sharif, or whatever the name was. They went out and claimed credit for it. The leader of the attack is all over Middle East TV bragging about it.

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October 24, 2012


On the new Benghazi revelations… the White House viewing the terrorist attack on a live drone feed… receiving emails from besieged consulate officials… refusing to take action to save them… and the refusal of the mainstream media to cover the story…

I want to tell you right now, there are only two explanations for this entire sordid affair. One is gross, unbelievable, incalculable incompetence. Two is sheer, bald-faced lying. Those are the only two explanations for what happened here and what didn't happen. Gross, corrupt incompetence or abject lying. What we're watching here today is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate. That is what is happening today with this story. The mainstream media is Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate is Benghazi. Except this time, Woodward and Bernstein are helping Nixon cover it up.

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March 22, 2011


On the left's "no blood for oil" canard...

Where's our oil from Iraq? If anybody should have dibs on that, we should. At below-market prices. Contracts are going to everybody but us. Well, we got some but we're paying market prices for 'em. We had first dibs on that oil and we gave it away to prove we're nice guys. Part of the guilt of being a superpower. So we're going into Libya for the oil... I wish we were.

March 23, 2011


On Obama's lack of a coherent military strategy in Libya...

Whatever happens in Libya – whatever happens – Obama's either gonna claim success, or deny responsibility. Whatever happens. That's why they're all over the board here. "Oh yeah he can stay/no he doesn't have to stay, he can go/Doesn't have to/he's got to go/no he can stay/well– al Qaeda in there?/Yeah, changes it a little bit, we don't know/We'll have to wait and see."

March 24, 2011


On standards of legitimacy as they apply to middle-eastern tyrants.

became illegitimate when he dared to do what he is doing while a Democrat is in the White House. It's okay to do this kind of stuff when there's a Republican in there to demonstrate that they're weak or whatever but to do this, this is a slap in the face at brother Obama. To do this? That's why he's illegitimate. He has failed to recognize the primacy, supremacy of Obama here. To engage in this kind of an action after the Nobel Prize winner sits in the oval office?

March 25, 2011


On the President's failure to explain to the country why we are fighting in Libya.

I'd like to know – I'd like to know Obama's analysis of the "kinetic sports action" that's taking place here. He's just so damn good at this. He's so damn good at it. Obama spoke for almost ten minutes with ESPN on his picks, before he went on vacation. We're not even going to get a five minute speech from Obama on why we are sending our finest into harm's way in Libya. We're not gonna get that speech. We didn't get a preparation speech, we're not getting an update speech – think about it. The President of the United States devotes more time to explaining his NCAA basketball brackets to the country than he has explaining his reasons for bombing Libya.

March 29, 2011


On the implications of Obama's conduct of the Libyan war.

Now, Obama is setting in place a new precedent, all of a sudden respecting our foreign policy and our military. And I don't mean, he respects them. He's setting a new place – new terms, if you will. All roads first go through the UN... All roads go through the UN, NATO, what have you. Look for more of this. And then you turn the operations over to another coalition. What Obama is doing here is multitasking. He is undoing our sovereignty, while at the same time setting the table to take personal credit for the eventual overthrow of . Never forget, never forget folks, Barack Obama has always held himself out as a global citizen, bigger, than the mere boundaries of our own country.

March 31, 2011


Mark Steyn is guest-hosting for Rush... On the reason the United States is in Libya...

What is at stake, for the United States, in this war? This war is like Kosovo, this is liberal war-mongering. War to the modern liberal progressive – you never go to war in your national interest, because it's vulgar, it's simply vulgar for nations to have a national interest. An advanced western nation should only go in for multi-lateral, compassionate humanitarian war-mongering, like we did in Kosovo. Nobody remembers who the good guys in Kosovo were – the answer by the way is Neither of the Above. Nobody remembers what the hell the point of it was, nobody remembers why we went in there, and oddly enough, the fact that there was no rationale for it, was the rationale.

April 1, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today... On the First of April...

It's April first, April Fool's Day – a day when the papers are full of lame, pathetic stories that purport to be true but are obviously just pathetically, limply amusing spoofs. Papers are full of 'em... Hilary Clinton calls Bashir Assad a reformer. True, or just an April Fool's story. In Libya, the United States and its allies are thinking of arming Al Qaeda. True? Or just an April Fool's story. According to the Wall Street Journal, twice as many Americans work in government as in manufacturing. True? Or just a pathetically obvious April Fool's spoof.