March 15, 2011


On the anemic legislative performance of the house Republican leadership.

The mood of this country is what the hell's going on? More and more people think that we have an administration that's actively, happily presiding over the decline of this country. A decline the majority of the people in this country don't want. And there doesn't seem to be any noticeable effort to stop this way of thinking or believing, in Washington. So, one unfortunate constant seems to be the Republicans' incapacity to handle their electoral prosperity.

April 20, 2011


On leadership.

Democrats have played a major role in creating this mess. They turn over the heavy lifting to the Republicans. Paul Ryan does the heavy lifting. Comes up with a budget plan to save the country. And then what does Obama do? What does Obama do? He attacks them for doing it. He attacks them for how they're doing it. That is real leadership folks. Real leadership on the part of our President, who now will not speak to adults. Create the problem. Act like he is going to provide leadership to fix it. Offer no fix whatsoever. The Republicans offer a fix. The Ryan budget. What does Obama do? Attacks Ryan personally, and the Republicans in general for doing it. That's real leadership.