December 19, 2012


On the Obama administrations official report of the Benghazi consulate fiasco…

You'll be happy to know that Obama and Clinton have escaped blame in the Benghazi report. In fact, everybody escaped blame. The official report is out, and it says mistakes were made but nobody made them. It's a whitewash. It's a cover-up. It's a scandal. Here's a pull quote from the story, Daily Caller: "Despite the chaos, top-level officials refused to recognize the dangers, say critics, partly because such recognition would highlight flaws in Obama's strategy." What is this? The report refused to recognize the dangers at the consulate in Libya because naming the dangers would highlight the flaws in Obama's strategy? We can't have that in a report. No. Because nothing went wrong. There were mistakes, but nobody made them. And so it's over. Benghazi's now in the past.

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April 1, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today... On the First of April...

It's April first, April Fool's Day – a day when the papers are full of lame, pathetic stories that purport to be true but are obviously just pathetically, limply amusing spoofs. Papers are full of 'em... Hilary Clinton calls Bashir Assad a reformer. True, or just an April Fool's story. In Libya, the United States and its allies are thinking of arming Al Qaeda. True? Or just an April Fool's story. According to the Wall Street Journal, twice as many Americans work in government as in manufacturing. True? Or just a pathetically obvious April Fool's spoof.

May 23, 2011


On the supposedly weak field of Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination.

The rest of the field is said to be weak... that's starting to offend me too, as though the Democrat field in 2008 – Hilary and Obama and John Edwards – was the epitome of a great field?