February 15, 2013


On the Carnival Cruise Lines fiasco and what it portends for the country…

If you want your city to become that cruise ship, it's not "don't hire the CEO as the mayor." It's "don't let the environmentalist wackos get anywhere near your power plant." Because it was the lack of electricity that caused that cruise ship to totally decompose the way it did. That's the sole thing. They lost their power plant, something went wrong, and that's when everything blew apart, as it will in your house or your city before long after you lose electricity. It's that simple. It's no more complicated than that. Then keep in mind, the environmentalist wackos, the Democrat Party, that's the direction they want to go. Electricity from fossil fuels is one of the modern evils of the world. And so you could safely say that if those people get their way, most people's lives could end up looking very much like what happened on that cruise ship, as opposed to what life looks like today.

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February 1, 2013


On glimmers of hope for conservatives and therefore the country…

I can't give you specifics. It's just a feeling -- and I assure you, it's not just blind hopefulness. It isn't wishful thinking. I just have a sense that Obama's not going to ultimately succeed in totally transforming this country into something other than how it was founded. Now, I'm not denying what he's done so far has been devastating, but there are signs out there. I keep talking about the states. In addition to fracking, do you know what else is booming? Fracking would be probably number one, and it's the most unreported characteristic that is responsible for economic growth. There literally is a boom in the oil industry in this country where fracking is taking place. The other thing that is growing this economy is the manufacture and sale of guns, and you know that.

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May 9, 2012


On the health of the Tea Party and the rising conservative political tide in 2012…

The Tea Party’s not dead – 2010 was a warm-up. The Tea Party’s moved on from a protest movement to an active, vibrant grass-roots movement that knows how to nominate the right people and then get them elected, and that is sending shivers of fear down the spines of professional Democrats, their consultants, elected officials, and people in the media. Democrats are voting against President Obama. Democrats are distancing themselves from failure. The cult of personality, the cult of celebrity, that this White House has attempted to mine, has been overwhelmed by the sting of reality. People’s homes having no value. People’s jobs paying nothing. People not being able to get jobs, no economic growth, moratoriums on drilling for oil, roadblocks on pipelines that would bring oil, which would cheapen energy prices. Attacks on conventional energy sources. The American people want no part of it.

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April 30, 2012


On the mindset of people like Al Armendariz, the EPA administrator who quit after he was revealed in a video speaking of his desire to crucify energy companies…

That word, ‘crucify’. I know in the popular vernacular it means, well, “wipeout”… but just stop and think… ‘crucify’. The guy chose the word ‘crucify’. That’s more than just ‘discard’. What do you do when you crucify somebody? You put them on a cross. It has a specific meaning. Now we know that Al Armendariz didn’t want to put people up on a cross, but it’s the same thing as humiliating them, killing them. That’s what he wanted to do. And people said, “Gee, how did these guys get past Obama, how did these guys end up in the [EPA]?” He LIKES them. They are in his administration because everybody picking these people knows exactly what Obama wants. Crucifixion is torture. It’s a terrorist act. It was chosen because it was one of the slowest forms of death – it was painful, it took days. It took days to die. And you ended up being targeted by birds and all kinds of– it was horrible. It was absolutely horrible. Now I’m not saying he literally meant crucify but he did not mean these people just need to be beaten – defeated, politically… I want people to understand that ‘crucify’ has a specific meaning and it’s more than just, “We want to discard this guy.” These oil people and so forth.

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November 23, 2011


On U.S. energy policy…

What we’re doing now – our energy policy now – is frankly absurd. Killing off our own energy sector. Shutting down our own production. Shutting down our own discovery. Shutting down our own drilling. For a host of reasons, chief among them a hoax. Global warming, and pollution. Making ourselves vulnerable to world supplies, political circumstances, price variations, all of these things. We’re not acting like a super-power. We’re acting like a needy, defensive, no-confidence little child. Because we don’t have the right strategies. We don’t think enough of ourselves as a country, at the highest levels.

March 14, 2011


On the risks posed by all forms of power generation.

All of our energy sources, all of our options, have dangers, have risks, inherent to their existence. Look at the deaths due to coal mine disasters. That's all in the name of fulfilling our energy needs. Natural gas explosions. Even the occasional oil rig explosion. The occasional oil tanker, springing a leak. And in the context of all this, nuclear really is our safest option in the long term, especially with newer technologies. These Japanese reactors are over forty years old. And they didn't fail because of them being inherently flawed.

March 28, 2011


On President Obama's differing energy policies for Brazil and the United States.

Obama is helping the Brazilians drill for oil. And he says he wants them to be able to drill for oil. He wants them to be able to be energy independent. But [he's] not implementing identical policies here, in fact [he's] doing just the opposite. Harming our own ability to be energy independent.

March 30, 2011


On President Obama's claim that there's no "quick fix" to our country's energy problems.

No quick fix. Well that's probably true, but if we'd've started increasing our domestic drilling thirty years ago when everybody was calling for it, would we be in this situation today?  How long are we gonna keep saying "No quick fix" when if we woulda started on a quick fix thirty years ago we'd be at a solution by now?