April 27, 2012


On the politics of government student loan interest rates…

The Republican student loan plan is a piece of legislation that would prevent the interest rate from doubling. [The] student loan interest rate’s supposed to go up – it’s supposed to double – on July 12th. So John Boehner and the House Republicans have proposed legislation to prevent that from happening… Nancy Pelosi says that Obama would veto that. Why? This is so brazen and blatant… He wants the issue. He’s gonna veto this so that student loan rates will go up so that he can blame Republicans for it. He is counting on the fact that the media will not significantly report that the Republicans tried to stop it.

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April 18, 2012


On prosecutor Angela Corey’s abysmally bad affidavit in the George Zimmerman case…

If these people who have analyzed the affidavit are dead right, and if this is the product of abject incompetence, embarrassing incompetence, on the part of the prosecutor Angela Corey, given our culture – given our education system – might a judge look at this prosecutor as a teacher would, and say, “Well, you know, she tried.” And go ahead and let it fly. That’s what happens in our schools. That’s what outcome-based education is. Kid thinks two plus two is five, it is. With an ‘A’ for effort. Until they figure out that two plus two is four. And then they argue about that… throughout our culture, excellence is not the objective. Not offending somebody is. Not hurting somebody’s feelings. Not humiliating them.

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April 6, 2012


On the concerns of women in 2012 in the United States…

I don't think women are losing sleep over who gets into Augusta National. I don’t think women are losing sleep over where their next birth control pill is gonna come from. And I actually don’t think women who want abortions are losing sleep (over) whether or not they’re gonna be able to get one. I don’t think they feel threatened that way. And I don’t think most women are comforted by the fact that Obama is having a woman’s forum today in the White House. I don’t think most women give a hoot. Because I don’t think most women think it’s gonna matter to them. What I think most women care about is their children. And their future. As well as their present. What kind of a mess is their school? What is the country going to be like when their kids grow up and get out of school? What are their kids going to know when they get out of school? Are they going to be properly educated? This is what I think women care about.

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September 23, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On America’s woefully inadequate education system …

An educator was touring a mid-western middle school in the early 1990s and walked into the vestibule and was very struck by a banner of all these hands applauding, school-childrens’ hands applauding, under the motto “We Applaud Ourselves”. And she was struck at the sort of horrible narcissistic self-absorption of the American education system in the early 90s. We applaud ourselves. Well those middle-schoolers, what do you think they did? The middle-schoolers went to high school, and then they went to college to do Complacency Studies for five and a half years, and when they finished their Bachelor’s in Complacency Studies … the kids who grew up with the big banner saying “we applaud ourselves” went out and voted for a presidential candidate who told them “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. There are consequences. There are consequences for the wasteful, the fiscally profligate, wasteful self-indulgence of the education system.