January 2, 2013


Doug Urbanski is guest-hosting for Rush today… On Obama raising government salaries…

Just let it sink in: Obama raises the salaries of these politicians in Congress -- people who, if they were in the private sector, would be fired -- and raises the pay of government workers. He does all this whilst at the same time fighting with stubborn intransigence to take money away from American citizens. These are the people who worry about Big Oil and Big Corporations? Talk about greed! What is more greedy and more worrisome than Big Government?

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December 24, 2012


Doug Urbanski is guest-hosting for Rush today… On reports that Mitt Romney did not want to run for the presidency…

If you are in any way, shape manner or form 'reluctant' to run for president, don't do it! Don't run for the office! The republic hangs on it. It's just like getting married to someone. If you have any shadow of a doubt as you walk down that aisle, don't do it!

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November 23, 2012


[Doug Urbanski is filling in for Rush today] On “Rules for Radicals” and the necessity for Republicans to learn from it…

Rules for Radicals is a brilliant book. It is a demented book, too, but you can be both of those. If you read and absorb it, not only will you learn what the other side is thinking and their tactics, but you will learn tactics that you must employ. There's good stuff in that book, from a man who was dangerously insane, but it's an activist's book -- and we must be activists!

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