October 24, 2011


On George F. Will’s comparison of Mitt Romney to Michael Dukakis…

It’s a profound insult to equate Romney with Dukakis and to say that the Republican party is happy with Romney, just as Democrats were with Dukakis. Woah! Now that may be true… we know that some of the so-called conservatives in the inside-the-beltway conservative media do believe in a big government, and an “active” executive, as they refer to the President… and they also believe that we Republicans and conservatives must support big government because the people, the voters, are signaling that’s what they want. We just must do it smarter. And so they’re looking at Romney as the steward. This is Will’s point. “Hey this guy’s a technocrat, this guy’s a policy wonk, this guy can do it.” And when George F. Will says that Romney’s not ideological, just like Dukakis wasn’t, what he’s essentially saying here is that Romney’s not conservative. He’s a technocrat. A policy guy. Which he is. But Dukakis, I say, was an active statist. When you think about it a technocrat is a statist because his selling point is that he can make the big government apparatus run more efficiently, which is what the David Brookses and his buddies on our side in the conservative media claim to support. And that’s the new definition of a Republican moderate.