July 20, 2011


On the determination of the Left.

There’s a group of people out there folks who want a constitutional convention. And it’d be the nuttiest thing you could do cause you’d just turn the whole country over to the Left, the parasites, the government operatives, that’s who would take over, and they would re-write the constitution so that it would say exactly what they are doing, and what they believe. You know the Left fights on and on… when you look at how they operate, they don’t look for knock out punches. If they can find one they’ll throw it, but they keep at it – just like the old Soviets did. Soviets didn’t have four year plans – they just had a plan. They had an objective. And however long down the road it took ‘em to get there, that’s – and they were never deterred, until they, of course, couldn’t go on anymore because of their own implosion.