January 16, 2013


On the attitudes of conservatives and liberals toward the American people…

When I look out across the country I make an assumption that we are populated by a country where the majority of the people are decent and good and trustworthy. We can count on them, they're reliable, and when they're needed, they'll show up. We look at the people of this country optimistically. We look at our future optimistically. We look and see a country of people who can take care of themselves and who want to, who are self-reliant, who want to be self-reliant, maybe in some cases even rugged individualists. We don't see anything wrong with that. The one thing we don't do is look out across this country and see a majority of people that we look at with contempt. We do not think the majority of people in this country are predisposed to evil or bad behavior or rotten behavior. We don't look at the majority of these people having to be controlled. We don't look out over the country and see a bunch of incompetence and ineptitude. We don't look and see a country filled with people who don't know what's best for them. We do not see a population that is incapable of doing the right thing. Quite the opposite.

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January 14, 2013


On the shared perceptions of conservatives held by Democrats and the Republican establishment…

I think both parties have this goal. I think the Republican establishment is of the same frame of mind as Obama is, that the opposition is conservatives. The opposition is conservatism. And that's why we've had some people ask me, "What was Colin Powell doing?" Colin Powell was on Meet the Press yesterday doing what Scarborough did on MSNBC this morning, which is what a lot of Republicans are doing, and that is criticizing conservatives. Every problem we've got, from the gridlock to intransigence to spending, it's all the fault of conservatives.

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December 14, 2012


On the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, and coming liberal efforts to politically exploit it…

A terrible and awful thing has happened in Connecticut at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, I'm told. A shooting at a school, 26 people dead, including 18 children. It's just awful. It is terrible, incomprehensible. But I'm gonna tell you something. As we sit here at this very moment, you know it and I know it, there are liberals trying to find a way to blame this on conservatives and Republicans. It may sound a little hard-edged to say that, but I've lived through these things for 25-plus years.

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November 19, 2012


On the professional class of political consultants and the dearth of conservatives in today’s electoral politics…

They're the ones losing elections, but they have to get hired by the next losing candidate, and so they have to make sure that their list of potential employers thinks that it's me losing elections and not them. I don't have a record of election loss. I have yet to run a campaign. I have yet to pick a candidate. I have yet to script a convention. I haven't authored a political ad. I haven't come up with a political strategery. I comment on it. I suggest things that I would do, but I have never once inserted myself in their business. I have never gone to a candidate and said, "This consultant is undermining you." I've never done that, never would, not my job, not my business… I've told you this. I have known for a long time that not every conservative considers every other conservative to be on the team. There are a lot of so-called conservatives who wish a bunch of us weren't on the team. There is no conservative movement right now, by the way. There is not a conservative movement, and there is not a singular conservative leader in electoral politics.

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August 10, 2012


On the key psychological dynamic that separates Republican leadership from conservative Republican activists…

The Republican Party and the conservative wing of the Republican Party are not unified, because we don't have the same objective. Our objective is to wipe out the liberals! The Republican Party's objective, apparently, isn't. They have a different objective. I don't know what it is. I mean, I know they want to win. But they don't look at the liberals as an enemy to this nation's founding like we do. The liberals, the Democrats and everybody in Obama's camp looks at us as the biggest threat to their way of life that exists. The Republican Party doesn't see the Democrat Party that way. As such, they're not organized to take the fight to them in that regard. We conservatives are. That's why there is a divide. That's why when a Romney spokesman goofs up, we point it out. Because we conservatives think that we've got a Republican Party that doesn't know what it's doing. And we've got to steer them down the right road for their own good. The liberals don't have this problem. They have a singular purpose. Now, they are a varied constituency, and they've got constituency groups that all want different things. But that's not what unifies them. The feminists don't like the environmentalists because they share things in common. The reason the environmentalist wackos and Feminazis are on the same team is because they both have the same objective. Get rid of us and there's no stopping what else they want to do. We don't have that characteristic, that killer instinct. We're missing it.

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July 16, 2012


On comments by Sigourney Weaver that Democrats care about people, and Republicans care only about business…

The fact of the matter is – you pick any conservative, anywhere, and you talk to ‘em about people, and you know what you’re gonna hear? You’re gonna hear a desire that everybody elevate. That everybody get better. You’re gonna hear conservatives talk about ways that everybody’s life-style can expand, that everybody’s quality of life can improve. You’re gonna hear optimism. You’re gonna hear hopefulness. You’re gonna hear policies and strategies to make that happen. Any conservative – any genuine conservative you talk to – is going to look at somebody and look at their potential, and want to see potential – growth potential. It is Democrats, it’s the left who have contempt for people, who have no faith in people. It’s the Democrat party who doesn’t think people have the ability to succeed on their own, Miss Weaver.

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May 21, 2012


On one key difference between liberals and conservatives…

If a conservative doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t go to church. Period. He doesn’t tell YOU that YOU have to stop believing in God. A conservative doesn’t chide you for going to church. A conservative doesn’t call a member of Congress to make Church illegal. But a liberal does that. A liberal, in fact, wants any mention of God and religion silenced. If a liberal doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe in religion, then there can’t be anything anywhere that reminds that poor sap of religion. They’re just that way. If a conservative doesn’t like a radio show, he changes the channel. Liberals, if they don’t like a radio show, demand that the show be shut down. And if the show isn’t voluntarily shut down then they try other avenues to get the show shut down. Whatever it is, [that] liberals approve of, you have to, too. They’ll harass you, they will harangue you, they will beat up on you, and a lot of people cave… just to get them off their backs. Politically, too. This is what happens to the Republicans, in Washington. I’m convinced.

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January 9, 2012


On the media’s refusal to cover a potentially embarrassing Halloween party in the White House…

The press doesn’t want to get Obama in trouble… It is safe to say – it’s very accurate to say – that, domestically, in this country, conservatives – conservative Republicans – are the biggest enemy the Democrats have. Bigger than al Qaeda, bigger than the Taliban, bigger than Iran, bigger than any foreign enemy. The Democrat party, the Regime, the media, looks at their domestic political opposition as the biggest enemy they have, the biggest threat. And in a way, it kind of makes sense. We are the only thing standing in the way of their absolute power. They don’t look at the Iranians as trying to stop them. They don’t look at the Taliban as trying to stop ‘em. They look at us as trying to stop them. And they are part of the Obama agenda advancement team.

July 4, 2011


On the political views of President Obama and the American electorate.

Folks, do not believe anything you read or hear that Obama is unbeatable. He is a man further and further isolated from the mainstream of this country. And if there were a smidgen of mainstream media reporting along those lines it’d be over for him now. Of course there won’t be, they’re circling the wagons for the guy. Twenty-four percent of the American people – likely voters – 24% say their political views are about the same as the President. That means 24% of the people in the country are socialist/liberal. We have not lost the country, folks. It is only being made to appear that way. But we haven’t.

April 12, 2011


On the futility of Republicans and conservatives seeking media approval during the budget battles.

If you go into this with, "Oh gosh we can't shut down the government, oh my God, what are they gonna say about us if we shut down the government," – well the answer is, they're going to say about us the same thing as if we don't shut down the government. They're still gonna say whatever they say about us because we are conservatives. And if you don't like that, become a liberal. If you don't like what liberals say about you, the only cure is to join them. Because it's never going to change. And there's not one action you can take, that will make liberals say nice things about you. And the more you try to manage what they think and say about you, the more they own you.

April 29, 2011


On the political culture of the United States...

What we've created is a world where almost every key institution in society is in the hands of people who think like Barack Obama... everybody thinks that all you need to do to make stuff better is to have more government spending. All you need to do to make the planet a safer place is for America to retreat from the world, and then all the nice people will get on without America bombing them all the time. Every key lever, every key institution in society is now controlled by forces profoundly hostile to conservatism... don't be surprised when a country raised under those kind of institutions then elects somebody like Barack Obama in November of 2008. Why wouldn't they? When the air that you breathe is liberal. When the schoolhouses are liberal. When the sitcoms are liberal. When the pop songs are liberal. When the air that you breathe is liberal, it's asking an awful lot for people raised in that environment to then go and pull the lever for a small-government conservative every other November.

May 13, 2011


On the actual political character of this country.

I think the majority of this country – is us. We just don't see it reflected anywhere. But we are the majority in this country. Tea party conservatism – particularly, if you look at the way people live their lives. We are categorized each and every day as the "fringe" but we are not. We are the mainstream. The way we believe, the way we live, the philosophies, the morality, all of it – we are the mainstream of this country

May 16, 2011


On who President Obama would prefer to run against in 2012.

The last thing Obama wants is to run against a real conservative. Obama hopes to hell he gets a squishy, moderate, middle-of-the-road McCain type. He wants somebody who is afraid to occupy conservative positions. He wants a Republican who has been convinced that that is the wrong way to go... I'm telling you they will do anything to keep a demonstrable, genuine conservative from getting the Republican nomination, because they know that they will lose and lose big.

May 17, 2011


On the emergence of a new political epithet.

There's actually a new term, it's just like 'deniers' – global warming deniers, climate change deniers, you know, connect them, relate them, to the Holocaust deniers. Now default deniers. The conservatives – on the outskirts of economic circles, who don't believe that default will lead to dire consequences – are now default deniers. Why is there even a debt limit if it would be catastrophic if it were not raised whenever it suits Congress to raise it?