August 31, 2012


On Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican convention, and Hollywood’s reaction to it…

The left -- and this is predictable. They're destroying Eastwood, and Hollywood types are destroying Eastwood. "Oh, Clint! What's happened to poor old Clint? Oh, he looks like he's got Alzheimer's. Oh, no. Did you see how old Clint was? He didn't even know where he was." They were dumping all over Eastwood, and you know why? Because they can't hit Romney, and they've gotta hit something. But Romney's speech doesn't have a whole lot hittable in it. Oh, they were sending out their e-mails last night. We're on their mailing lists. Every five or ten minutes, they were sending out e-mails asking for three bucks. The various Democratic fundraising organizations were asking for three bucks. "That Paul Ryan, he lied through his teeth and now Romney? He's lying through his teeth!" But that stuff is pro forma. The target that Eastwood's become... By the way, let me tell you something. Eastwood succeeded in getting under Obama's skin.

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