April 16, 2012


On who is and isn’t qualified to talk about today’s economic challenges…

If a life of economic struggle is a pre-requisite for a woman to speak about economic issues effecting women, then aren’t many, if not most of the liberal female pundits belittling Ann Romney disqualified from the discussion too? Darn right they are. Pick your favorite female pundit on television. Or in print. And ask yourself – are they really worried about the price of milk? Are they worried about baby formula? Are they worried about the cost of an abortion? Are they worried about the cost of contraception? … So they don’t have this rigorous life either. Just like Ann Romney hasn’t in their mind. But somehow they’re qualified to talk about women’s’ issues and Ann Romney isn’t.

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April 13, 2012


On the outrage of Democrats over Hilary Rosen’s shot at Ann Romney that she’s “never worked a day in her life”…

That’s exactly what they wanted to (do) – they wanted that shot out there. They wanted her to say that, they wanted that out there, they wanted people thinking about Ann Romney that way, and they’ll take the heat. Because they personally got out of it. And it’s okay, they’ll throw Hilary under the bus – but there’s a wink and a nod because they’re not really throwing her under the bus. She’s one of ‘em. She’s in the tribe. They’re not getting rid of her. She’s gonna be intimately involved in Obama’s re-elect. All of this, throwing her under the bus, is strictly for show.

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