December 21, 2012

On ongoing political maneuverings between Obama and Republicans as the fiscal cliff approaches…

My gut is that there's gonna be a deal. There always is! Now, if we go over the cliff I won't be surprised because that's what I think Obama wants, but I'm just telling you: I won't be surprised if there's last minute deal that's pitched as the greatest thing since sliced bread and so forth. Then a couple days will go by and they'll start reaming the Republicans for whatever. The only thing arguing against that, as far as I'm concerned, is I think from a purely -- and I'm blue in the face saying this. I apologize for all the repetition. But this going over the cliff? You talk about Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah rolled into one for Obama? Going over the cliff is ten Christmases rolled into one for him and the Democrats.

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