March 21, 2012

On the differing motivations within the Republican party for defeating President Obama in 2012…

We don’t hate Obama – we despise what he’s doing to the country. And yeah, it does require a massive turn-around. And it does require a massive repudiation of his policies. The American people have to know how destructive and bad they are and have been. And by the way, I’m in that group and I make no apology for it… This is a teachable moment. And it’s the most important teachable moment for the people in this country that we’ve had in my lifetime. But this is one of the problems that people on my side have with Romney. They don’t think Romney or the Republican establishment cares that much about repudiating Obama – they just want to beat him. They want back in control, they want to be in charge of the spending, they want the committee chairmanships. We don’t want to win for that reason. We don’t want to win so we can run government – we want to win so we can get rid of people who are trying to destroy it, as founded. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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