September 28, 2012

The media is no longer about truth. It's not about informing.

The media is now part of the propaganda machine. They are part of the Democrat Party. They are Democrats with bylines. They're pretending to be objective. They're pretending to be inquisitive and professional. But they're not. They have thrown in with one side. They have thrown in with the Democrat Party. They have thrown in, all-in, with Obama. That's been the nature of the media for a long time now. They can be overcome. Ronaldus Magnus overcame the media -- and, folks, we can, too. My point here is we already know this. You and I know we can overcome the media. This program has done it. Any number of other so-called New Media have overcome it, and we win elections. We don't lose every election. We win more than we lose. It's important. With the free media support Obama gets -- whether it's 60 Minutes, The View, the Today show, MSNBC -- and all that paid propaganda that Obama pays for, it's important that your enthusiasm not be blunted.

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September 26, 2012

On Obama blaming President Bush for the national debt…

These lies just flow out of his mouth and off of his lips as naturally as a baby's cries. Now, I don't know, as I say, I'm not an expert. I don't know if it's purposeful, if he's delusional, or if it's strategic. It could be a combination of those things. He's running commercials in battleground states claiming that Romney's tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class by $2,000. There's not a single thing in Romney's tax plan that raises taxes on the middle class, period. Romney cuts middle class taxes by 20%. He doesn't raise taxes on anybody. It's Obama who's going to be raising taxes. Obama, in effect what he's doing, is taking what his policies are going to be, his future policies and what his policies have been, and he's simply saying that they're Romney's.

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September 24, 2012

On the Left’s complaint that Mitt Romney intentionally paid too much in taxes to make himself look good politically…

The first claim was he didn't pay any. Now he's paid too much. You cannot win. You cannot satisfy these people, and therefore it is a mistake to try unless your objective is to illustrate who they are. But if you're really trying to please 'em, if you're really trying to get their approval, if you're really trying to shut 'em up, you never will and it's foolish to try. Look at the charitable donations. Romney's taxes are all legit. Nobody's claiming he broke the law. They're saying he paid more than he should have. And, again, isn't that what we've been hearing rich people should do? It's the patriotic thing to do, for crying out loud.

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September 21, 2012

On the shock expressed by the US media at the tough questions asked of President Obama at a Univision media forum…

A lot of people, in a constitutional sense, look at the media as the referees. And I don't know that they've ever been the referees, but I'll tell you how most people feel. I think most people bring it down to the essence of what's going on. We're being cheated. It's just that simple. This isn't a level playing field. The arena of ideas has been stacked. The media is cheating. And this interview at Univision demonstrated just how much they are cheating and just how corrupt they have become. It was so profound that the media was doing stories on the hard-hitting questions Obama got. Can you believe that? Obama must think the Hispanic press is as stupid and biased as the English language press is. They know he didn't put up a bill. They know he didn't lift a little finger on immigration. They know that all he did was talk about it. They know that he could have had anything he wanted; the Republicans couldn't stop him. It was even mentioned in the question.

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September 19, 2012

On the GOP establishment’s sometimes-faltering support of Mitt Romney as the election unfolds…

During the primary, all these people -- not all of them, but a lot of the people -- who were telling us, "Romney's the only guy. He's the only chance we've got! Romney's the one," they've bailed. They've bailed on him. Now they're running around saying, "He's not the candidate we thought he was gonna be. He's stupid and arrogant," and all these things. And those of you, you and me, who were said to be problematic during the primaries? We're the ones supporting Romney!

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September 17, 2012

On Obama’s reelection campaign…

Barack Obama is running a campaign oriented toward defeating the current president. He's running against himself, but not saying so. He's the insider. He's the candidate of big government. He's the candidate who has given us his policies that are shutting coal mines and public utilities, driving up the cost of electricity, blocking domestic drilling everywhere he can, driving up the cost of gasoline, blocking business expansion, driving down employment -- and borrowing trillion dollars of dollars, which is destroying the value of our currency.

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September 14, 2012

On media polls showing Obama with sizable leads in several battleground states…

Obama going up in the polls right now doesn't make sense, does it? To you? Does Obama closing out the election right now make sense to you? Does Obama wrapping it up in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. Obama getting stronger in the polls, right now, doesn't make sense to me. Well, Rasmussen's out today. Their latest poll has Romney up three. That's exactly right. Latest Rasmussen has Romney up three. And then there's this. "According to the Real Clear Politics averages, Mitt Romney now leads the presidential race in Virginia for the first time since the beginning of the year." Real Clear Politics, they average every poll.

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September 12, 2012

On the Obama Administration’s reaction to the attack on America’s embassy in Cairo…

Obama's first instinct was to sympathize with the attackers. And when I say Obama, I'm talking about the embassy, Embassy Cairo. You can't separate Barack Obama from any of our embassies. He staffs them. They have like-minded thinkers in there. Barack Obama's in charge of the Foreign Service, he and Hillary Clinton. Their first instinct was to sympathize with the attackers with that statement. Romney was dead right pointing that out. First instinct, sympathize with the attackers.

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September 10, 2012

On a new onslaught of polls showing Obama significantly ahead of Mitt Romney…

The polls are just being used as another tool of voter suppression. The polls are an attempt to not reflect public opinion, but to shape it. Yours. They want to depress the heck out of you, and they want to suppress your vote. The polls are of adults, registered voters. Let me tell you the polls that count, and those are the polls a couple of weeks before the election. That's when the pollsters worry about holding onto their credibility. Those are the polls that everybody remembers. Nobody's gonna talk about what Public Policy Polling said in a poll in Ohio on September 10th. They're gonna worry about what Public Policy Polling said a week before the election, and that's when Public Policy Polling, a liberal group out of North Carolina, is gonna tell you what's really going on.

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September 7, 2012

On why the Democrat party opposes photo IDs for voting…

You need a photo ID to cash a check, to buy things. You need a photo ID to get on an airplane. You need a photo ID for practically everything. Democrats do not want minorities to have to have a photo ID. You had to have a photo ID to get near, and then in, the Democrat convention. But they don't want you to have to have one to vote. The only reason for that is so they can cheat. There can be no other reason. Now, they say that a lot of blacks in America are scared to death to go down and get a photo ID, because that means the government's then gonna start spying on 'em. And their experience with the government's not all that healthy, and they don't trust the government. I don't know why. The Democrats run it; they vote for Democrats. I don't know what the problem is.

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September 5, 2012

On delegate chants of “Four More Years” at the Democrat convention…

Forty-seven million on food stamps, and Rahm Emanuel actually said it --“Four more years!” -- and they started chanting that in the convention. And I said: "Right on, that's what we want to hear." Four more years of this? Forty-three consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, four more years? Sixteen trillion, national debt. Obama responsible for more than a third of that. Four more years. Twenty-three million Americans unemployed/underemployed. Four more years. Taxpayers pay for late-term abortions. That happened before you started watching. Four more years. A trillion dollars for a stimulus. Unemployment never gets under 8%, four more years. Not one Democrat ever voted for any Obama budget. Four more years. Take God out of the Democrat Party platform? Four more years. We didn't hear any of this. We didn't hear any credit-taking. We didn't. In fact, we didn't hear last night any plans for the future. All we heard was that Barack Obama is still the Messiah. The theme of that convention last night? "Barack Obama is still the Messiah!" You know what I found interesting about Michelle's speech? Her man has been president for four years and she felt it necessary to tell everybody who he is.

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September 3, 2012

[Previously broadcast material]… On a new book by Stanley Kurtz which claims to prove that Barack Obama is waging a stealth war on people who live in the suburbs…

White people have left the cities for suburbia, and so Obama is hell-bent on penalizing ‘em… [Liberal central planners] believe the suburbanites are just a bunch of greedy racists, didn’t want to share their money, tax money with the urban poor. Obama -- and this is what Kurtz’s book is about -- he claims to establish all of this, as fact. Obama adopted their world view, has supported this movement. Many of the leaders of this anti-suburban movement, supported by Obama for years, are now advising the regime on redistributive anti-suburban policies that few people know anything about.

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