February 27, 2013

On the coming release of up to 30,000 illegal alien criminals from U.S. jails by the Department of Homeland Security, supposedly because of budget pressures under the sequester…

Let's not forget, thanks to Obama's various executive orders, ICE, the immigration people, no longer detain any illegal aliens unless they've been convicted of a serious crime. That's who we're talking about here. You have to commit a serious crime before we detain you, if you're illegal. So this isn't just a bunch of discriminated-against freedom fighters that have been wrongly jailed finally seeing freedom at all. These really are convicted criminals that are being released. And somehow it's being blamed on the Republicans. This whole idea is Obama's. He's the one that gives the order to Janet Napolitano to release these people. Republicans couldn't order this if they wanted to and yet they're going to end up getting the blame for it.

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February 25, 2013

On the truth about Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s claims that the sequester will force the layoff of 800,000 Pentagon employees…

It's like a school furlough when they run out of money in a school district. They shut school down every Friday for a semester, if they run out of money. That's what the civilians will do, the 800,000. You know, my instinct told me, "We're not gonna lay off 800,000 civilian Pentagon employees over $45 billion. We're just not gonna do it!" Well I was right. They work a five-day week and what's gonna happen is they'll work a four-day week if sequester happens. Many of them will probably celebrate.

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February 22, 2013

On ABC’s doomsday list of government service cuts that supposedly flow from the Sequester…

If only spending $15 more this year than last year is gonna cause the government to stop doing practically everything it does, and that's what that list -- I mean, that pretty much covers it. If we cut $40 billion, it's gonna keep the government from doing everything it does. What are they gonna do with the rest of the $3.7 trillion that they are gonna spend? What are they gonna do with the $3,700 billion they're going to spend? If all that stuff's gonna stop, all these 57 things and others are gonna stop because of a cutback of $40 billion, then what are they gonna do with the rest of the $3.7 trillion?

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February 20, 2013

On Republican support for the sequester…

Why would Republicans support -- I mean, the Republicans support the sequester. They're on record as supporting it. Even though it's Obama's idea, they support it. It's the only way we're gonna get some budget cuts, and they're infinitesimal anyway. But the question is, why would Republicans support something that does what Boehner says it's gonna do? Threatens US national security, thousands of jobs could be lost. Boehner's calling the cuts deep, when they're not. I do not have an explanation. I don't think that there is a reasonable explanation for that. I don't understand it. Don't have an answer for you. It's too simple to chalk this up to incompetence. It may be that, but that's too simple. I don't have an answer. I can't explain it to you. All I know is that it doesn't make any sense.

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February 18, 2013

On the bankruptcy of Obamacare’s high-risk health insurance pool for pre-existing conditions…

This law [Obamacare] is going to collapse on itself, if it doesn't get full-fledged resources of the states, and it's not going to have those. This law mandates things that the federal government has no idea yet are mandated, because not everybody has studied this thing. It's gonna require expenditures that nobody's aware of yet. We don't have the money for any of this! This thing is a time bomb waiting to blow up out there, and it's gonna blow up. I'll tell you when it's gonna blow. I just know what's going to happen. It's gonna blow up when there are very few, if any, options left in the private insurance market. And by then, it's gonna be too late.

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February 15, 2013

On the Carnival Cruise Lines fiasco and what it portends for the country…

If you want your city to become that cruise ship, it's not "don't hire the CEO as the mayor." It's "don't let the environmentalist wackos get anywhere near your power plant." Because it was the lack of electricity that caused that cruise ship to totally decompose the way it did. That's the sole thing. They lost their power plant, something went wrong, and that's when everything blew apart, as it will in your house or your city before long after you lose electricity. It's that simple. It's no more complicated than that. Then keep in mind, the environmentalist wackos, the Democrat Party, that's the direction they want to go. Electricity from fossil fuels is one of the modern evils of the world. And so you could safely say that if those people get their way, most people's lives could end up looking very much like what happened on that cruise ship, as opposed to what life looks like today.

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February 13, 2013

On the permanent campaign of President Obama…

The State of the Union speech last night, and for the rest of this week, he's on the campaign trail. What's he doing? He's running against the powerful forces trying to stop him from fixing these problems. He's not governing. And that's how he is able to create and maintain the illusion that he has no relationship whatsoever to what actually happens. Unemployment -- nothing to do with him, even after five years. National debt, deficit -- nothing to do with him. Budget cuts that might be harmful, there are no such things, by the way, nothing to do with him.

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February 11, 2013

On the media’s reaction to cop-killer Christopher Dorner’s left-wing politics…

After every mass killing in this country, the media turns over every rock trying to find any evidence whatsoever that the killer was inspired by conservatives. Yet Christopher Dorner is admitting that he idolizes left-wingers in politics and in the media, and it's not news. It's no big deal.

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February 8, 2013

On the at-large ex-LAPD cop accused of killing three people in California…

I must warn those of you in Big Bear Lake, California, there's a nut on the loose. He's on the prowl. He's shooting people. This former cop, this Dorner guy, he's running around, and he loves left-wingers and so forth. I think the safest thing for those of you to do in the area where he is thought to be is turn in your guns now. They tell us that will stop him. That's right – because nothing strikes fear into killers like people that don't have any guns. That's what Obama tells us, and that's what the experts who are trying to make us all safer say. So you got a madman on the loose. He happens to love left-wingers. That, by the way, is being ignored.

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February 6, 2013

On Obamacare…

President Obama's health care law. We have more health care news, and every day we learn more about what an utter disaster this is, what an utter disaster awaits us. This is from the Washington Times, Stephen Dinan. "President Obama's health care law will push seven million people out of their job-based insurance coverage -- nearly twice the previous estimate, according to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office released [yesterday]." Folks, you know all this. I don't know whether you remember it or not, but all during the debate and the run-up to Obamacare, I mentioned to you what the ultimate objective of it is. That's single-payer, government-run health care. They know they can't get there overnight by promoting that or putting that up for a vote, and Obama admitted this (we played the tape) to his buddies at the Service Employees International Union. What he told his union buddies back in 2007 -- and we've aired this before. We aired it during the campaign. The low-information voters didn't care. I don't know that too many people did, either. I don't think anybody really yet knows what is headed their way when this stuff hits.

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February 4, 2013

On efforts by Karl Rove and other establishment Republicans to seek a greater say in the nomination of Republican candidates in future elections…

Either by accident or by design, this announcement and this newspaper article about Karl Rove's intentions is only serving to unite the Tea Party in ways even now it hasn't been. It is energizing the Tea Party in ways that it hasn't been. After the election, everybody on our side faced a bit of demoralization, and this has ratcheted it back up. The conservative base of the Republican Party has now been targeted by the Republican establishment. That's how they interpreted Rove's comments. So what the Tea Party people now realize is that they got two political forces gunning for 'em. Obama and the Democrats and the Republican establishment.

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February 1, 2013

On glimmers of hope for conservatives and therefore the country…

I can't give you specifics. It's just a feeling -- and I assure you, it's not just blind hopefulness. It isn't wishful thinking. I just have a sense that Obama's not going to ultimately succeed in totally transforming this country into something other than how it was founded. Now, I'm not denying what he's done so far has been devastating, but there are signs out there. I keep talking about the states. In addition to fracking, do you know what else is booming? Fracking would be probably number one, and it's the most unreported characteristic that is responsible for economic growth. There literally is a boom in the oil industry in this country where fracking is taking place. The other thing that is growing this economy is the manufacture and sale of guns, and you know that.

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