December 31, 2012

Mark Steyn is guest-hosting for Rush today… On the futility of tax hikes on “the rich” as a means of solving our economic problems…

There are never going to be enough rich people, even if you raise taxes on all the 1%, to close the deficit. It's the spending. At some point, if you want big government and European-style spending, you're going to have to have European-style taxation. There's no discussion of this anywhere in the fiscal cliff negotiations.

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December 28, 2012

Mark Belling is guest-hosting for Rush today… On President Obama’s attitude about the fiscal cliff …

For Barack Obama, this fiscal cliff isn't a problem or a crisis. This is nothing to worry about. He sees this as an opportunity! I honestly think he's looking forward to this. This is his chance to do what he's wanted to do. I think he sees this thing as an opportunity to redistribute income, and that drives him. He's not looking for a deal. He's not looking to help the economy or avert a recession. He's got different motivations here.

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December 26, 2012

Mark Steyn is guest-hosting for Rush today… On liberal denunciations of semi-automatic weapons…

The idea that somehow guys who decide to turn themselves into one-man RoboCops and that semi-automatic weapons are state-of-the-art technology that the Founding Fathers would not have approved of? Both the semi-automatic and automatic weapon are 19th Century technology. The sensibility in which people go now and shoot up schoolhouses is the 21st Century contribution.

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December 24, 2012

Doug Urbanski is guest-hosting for Rush today… On reports that Mitt Romney did not want to run for the presidency…

If you are in any way, shape manner or form 'reluctant' to run for president, don't do it! Don't run for the office! The republic hangs on it. It's just like getting married to someone. If you have any shadow of a doubt as you walk down that aisle, don't do it!

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December 21, 2012

On ongoing political maneuverings between Obama and Republicans as the fiscal cliff approaches…

My gut is that there's gonna be a deal. There always is! Now, if we go over the cliff I won't be surprised because that's what I think Obama wants, but I'm just telling you: I won't be surprised if there's last minute deal that's pitched as the greatest thing since sliced bread and so forth. Then a couple days will go by and they'll start reaming the Republicans for whatever. The only thing arguing against that, as far as I'm concerned, is I think from a purely -- and I'm blue in the face saying this. I apologize for all the repetition. But this going over the cliff? You talk about Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah rolled into one for Obama? Going over the cliff is ten Christmases rolled into one for him and the Democrats.

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December 19, 2012

On the Obama administrations official report of the Benghazi consulate fiasco…

You'll be happy to know that Obama and Clinton have escaped blame in the Benghazi report. In fact, everybody escaped blame. The official report is out, and it says mistakes were made but nobody made them. It's a whitewash. It's a cover-up. It's a scandal. Here's a pull quote from the story, Daily Caller: "Despite the chaos, top-level officials refused to recognize the dangers, say critics, partly because such recognition would highlight flaws in Obama's strategy." What is this? The report refused to recognize the dangers at the consulate in Libya because naming the dangers would highlight the flaws in Obama's strategy? We can't have that in a report. No. Because nothing went wrong. There were mistakes, but nobody made them. And so it's over. Benghazi's now in the past.

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December 17, 2012

On the country’s cultural decline…

Remember, folks, during the presidential campaign, I said, "Twenty-five years ago we were warning about what was going to happen if X kept happening and Y kept happening and if we didn't stop Z." Well, now, we're there. We're no longer talking about what will happen unless we do something about it. We're living it. We're living the collapse. We're living the implosion of our culture and our society. Politically, morally, religiously, you name it, and it all stems from the fact that no one is allowed to have values. Values are judgmental. You have no right to impose values on people. So we've gotten to the point where nothing is really wrong. There are just explanations for it. And in practically every instance, the explanation and the proposed cure is nothing more than the advancement of a particular political belief or ideology. In this case, liberalism.

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December 14, 2012

On the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, and coming liberal efforts to politically exploit it…

A terrible and awful thing has happened in Connecticut at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, I'm told. A shooting at a school, 26 people dead, including 18 children. It's just awful. It is terrible, incomprehensible. But I'm gonna tell you something. As we sit here at this very moment, you know it and I know it, there are liberals trying to find a way to blame this on conservatives and Republicans. It may sound a little hard-edged to say that, but I've lived through these things for 25-plus years.

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December 12, 2012

On Obama’s political goal and strategy with regard to Republicans in the upcoming fiscal cliff stand-off…

What Obama is attempting, in the fiscal cliff deal, is to get John Boehner and therefore all Republicans to confess. If he can get the Republicans to raise taxes on the rich, then Obama feels he is helping the Republicans destroy their brand, destroy how it is that they're known and understood. And in the process, what are we talking about? The fiscal cliff, what's that? We're trying to save the country. What Obama wants is for the Republicans to agree that tax cuts, from Reagan forward to Bush, created the current climate. The recession is because the rich didn't pay their fair share. In fact, the entire situation of economic inequality is because the rich haven't paid their fair share. They want the Republicans, by agreeing to raise taxes on the rich, to essentially confess that it's been tax cuts, low taxes on the rich that explain the economic calamity. Not liberalism. Not wanton federal spending. Not socialism. Not Obama. Not the Democrats. Not entitlements. Not spending. No, none of that's to blame. Those are all the fixes, you see. All the Democrat policies are how we save America from what the Republicans believe in: tax cuts for the rich.

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December 10, 2012

On the absence of common political ground between Democrats and Republicans…

There's no common ground here. Obama wants to go over the cliff. Let me rephrase that. If we go over the cliff, he won't care. Obama does not want any spending cuts. He does not want any solution to the debt. They want to spend more money. The entitlement programs are what keep the Democrat Party in power, the gravy train. There's not gonna be any meaningful reduction there, as long as the Democrats run the Senate and Obama runs the White House.

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December 7, 2012

On the supposedly good economic news that the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.7%…

Half a million Americans have left the private sector job market, thus the private sector job market universe has shrunk, and that's why the unemployment number goes down. So 544,000 people hired at the government level in all states, cities, local governments, what have you, and the exclamation point is, 73% of the new civilian jobs created in the US over the last five months are in government. Seventy-three percent of new jobs created in the last five months are in government. This is according to the regime's own numbers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So it's clear to see exactly what's happening. The transformation in the country that's taking place. Money and people are being taken out of the private sector and transferred to the public sector, to the government.

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December 5, 2012

On the ongoing “negotiations” between the Republican House leadership and President Obama to supposedly avoid the fiscal cliff…

There aren't any spending cuts, even if they claim there are because of the current services baseline. All there will ever be until that's fixed is cuts in the rate of growth of spending. But there won't be any real spending cuts. And the Republicans showed today that they're not even interested in it. And now they're ceding the language. So now deductions are loopholes. You know what that sets up? That sets up the premise that 100% of income is subject to taxation and that everything that we might deduct from our overall gross earnings is a loophole, not a deduction, not a legitimate deduction. They just gave that away by conceding on the language here. A loophole is not a deduction, but it has become one. I mean, stop and think. When you think of a loophole in the tax law, what do you think of? You think of an unintended error that allows people to get away without paying their taxes. That's what you think a loophole is. Well, sorry. Now a standard, legal itemized deduction and everyone one of them have become loopholes. And such, they are subject to elimination. So now the premise of 100% taxation, the premise is now on the table. And all that means is that all money is Washington's, and what we end up with is totally up to their discretion and their big-heartedness or mean-heartedness, what have you.

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December 3, 2012

On Republicans and the media…

There's no mystery about what the media is, and the Republicans clearly understand. The mistake they make is believing that they can change the media's mind or make the media like them or make the media not criticize them, rather than attempt to defeat the media. They will not, in any way, do that.

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