July 6, 2011

On tomorrow’s budget meeting between the House Republican leadership and President Obama in the White House.

I’m going to tell you Republicans something right now, and right here, and if you know anybody who’s an elected Republican I want you to pass this on to 'em because this is key. At this meeting tomorrow, Obama is going to do everything he can to get these guys to raise taxes... now in the Senate, he might not have much of a problem. In the Senate, there might be some Republicans who’d go along – I don’t think the majority of them. But the House Republicans are not. Going. To sign anything. That raises taxes. They just aren’t. And so Republicans you have got to go into that meeting tomorrow fully aware that the President is the one who’s gonna have to cave. The President is the one who can be made to cave, if you hold firm on not raising taxes, ‘cause that’s all he cares about, and that’s all the Democrats care about.