May 18, 2012

On public anger at Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who renounced his U.S. citizenship because of high federal taxes…

The question is, [are] Eduardo Saverin and all these other U.S. corporations – are they guilty of poor citizenship? Or are they simply reacting, entirely normally, to tax policy?… It is clear that it is tax policies – and these tax policies, high taxes, on the rich, on millionaires… [with the] President out there demonizing successful people every day, targeting successful people every day, running a presidential campaign based on class warfare, trying to get the 99 percent of the country who are not in the top 1% to HATE the 1%, to literally despise ‘em. It seems to me that it was the tax policy that came first. The tax policy that came first, that’s chasing people like Eduardo Saverin and other companies out of this country in increasing numbers… I left New York state for the same reason. Now I didn’t have to renounce citizenship, but I left New York state for the same reason. I moved to a state with no state income tax. I’m sure there are people who think that I am not a patriotic New Yorker. I spent 8 years there. I paid my dues. And they still follow me. Every year I get audited. Under the premise I’m lying to them. About the number of days every year I live and work in New York. Which are zero. But I have to prove it 14 different ways. Every day of the year. Where I am. Where my calendar – where I say I was. And I can tell you, I left New York for tax reasons. I’m the first one to admit it. And I’m not the only one.

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