March 4, 2011

On the Obama Administration's responses to Judge Vinson's rulings against ObamaCare.

What's going on here, is the Regime is trying to run out the clock. The more of this that gets implemented, they know the tougher it's gonna be to extract it. We know this too. That's why "Repeal repeal repeal" – screw replacing. "Repeal repeal repeal" has been the order of the day... the judge issued his ruling: vacate the law. It's unconstitutional. Two weeks later the Regime files a motion, "Did You Really Mean to Say Our Law is Unconstitutional? Did You Really Mean to Vacate It?" And that's when Vinson wrote what he wrote yesterday, and it was clear that he was irritated in the process. So the media, and the regime, are doing everything they can to thwart the rule of law in this country.