May 30, 2012

On accusations by Attorney General Eric Holder that black voters face concerted, organized efforts to disenfranchise them…

Where is this happening? I want to know who in this country feels threatened? Who feels like somebody’s trying to keep them from voting? And don’t pop this Voter ID thing at me. If you look at polling data you will find a majority of African Americans favor a Photo ID. African Americans are human beings -- they have the same concerns as anybody else. They don’t want an electoral system that’s filled with fraud and deceit. They don’t want to be taken advantage of. They don’t want to have their vote not count, or to count 25 times. A majority of them favor a photo ID. But where is this movement that’s designed to get people to stop voting? Who’s behind it? I want some names. Holder ought to name names. He oughta name the organizations. He oughta produce the evidence. Who is it, in 2012, that has a stated effort to deny anybody -- I don’t care who it is -- the right to vote.

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